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Fleas and Ticks

A fleaFleas and ticks are a major concern for pet owners. These pests have irritating bites to both animals and humans and can also carry diseases.

While most of the flea and tick activity occurs during the summer and fall, our climate is conducive to year round activity. Control of fleas and ticks requires the treatment of the host animal as well as the premises.

Your veterinarian should supervise any host treatments but we can provide the premise treatments for both interior and exterior applications. Interior applications consist of a residual spray and an aerosol fogging. Exterior applications consist of a residual spray to turf. Our flea control applications include a 30-day re-treatment guarantee for our customers.

If ticks are targeted, then a spray to all plants, fencing, and tree trunks up to 7’ in height is recommended. This can be provided as an optional treatment for our customers but does not include a re-treatment guarantee.

Flea and Tick Control Tips

  • Regularly vacuum and then discard the bag to reduce the populations.
  • Wash pet bedding in hot water as allowed per the label.
  • Avoid feeding birds or wildlife that can bring in unwanted fleas and ticks.
  • Check your pet’s paws for hitch hiking ticks before bringing them inside.
  • Avoid areas frequented by other pets/animals.
  • Tick control takes time and patience due to staggered hatchings and molting.