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A Grub

Grubs are white, c-shaped worms that burrow into your soil. Usually curled up, they take up roughly the area of a quarter with a stretched out length from ½” to 2”. These worms are the larvae of one of a number of different beetle species such as masked chafers, May/June beetles, or the sugar cane grub. They feed on the roots of turf, typically during late summer and fall.

Symptoms include wilted, brown turf that is easily lifted up or rolled back like carpet. Feeding grubs are typically observed just under the rolled back turf in the top inch or two of soil. Damage becomes apparent when grub counts reach 1 to 2 per square foot.

Most white grubs can be controlled with a single treatment. However, the sugar cane grub will move deeper in the soil profile than other grubs and repeat applications are often needed.