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Lake Maintenance

Our lake maintenance program will provide you with the expertise and services needed to maintain your pond, lake, canal, or wetland against any of the following problems:

  • Lake Mainteance, Brevard Fl
  • Algae – A single or multi-celled plant that lacks true supporting or conducting tissue.  Algae can quickly bloom into large and unsightly proportions.
  • Emergent plants – These plants have their roots in the bottom, extend above the surface and are self-supporting. (Cattails, torpedo grass and spikerush)
  • Floating plants – These plants are free floating, rising or lowering with the water level.  (Waterfern, water lilies, and duckweed)
  • Submerged plants – These grow completely beneath the water surface and depend upon the water for support of the plant body. (Hydrilla, pondweed, and naiad)

A program can be customized for each site to provide desired results with minimal environmental impact.  A maintenance program may incorporate biological control (triploid grass carp), prevention (colorants), and chemical control. 

Naturals Areas Management

Lake Mainteance, Brevard FlNatural areas management is important in preserving the integrity of Florida’s ecology.  We provide mechanical and chemical control against Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s Class I & II as well as some other species that can displace our native habitat.  We will work closely with your site ecologist and if necessary, the St. Johns Water Management District, for permit compliance.  If you have any permitting, ecological assessments, mitigation or monitoring needs, we recommend that you contact our working partner, Atlantic Environmental Solutions.  

Water Resource Tips

  • Lake Mainteance, Brevard Fl
  • Avoid feeding wildlife – Supplementing natural food sources will add to the nutrient load in the water body in the form of excrement.  Higher nutrient loads trigger algae blooms and fish kills.  
  • Embrace desirable vegetation – Some native plant species, such as pickerelweed and duck potato, can provide an aesthetic and ecological benefit to the water body.  These plants provide food and habitat for wildlife while using the nutrients in the water body.
  • Keep fertilizers and grass clippings on the lawn – Fertilizers should be properly applied to their intended site and blown off of sidewalks and roads so that they do not wash off into the water system.  Likewise, grass clippings should stay on the lawn or in the landscape beds.  Decomposing vegetation in a water body will release nitrogen and phosphorous.