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Ornamental Plant & Tree Services

Our comprehensive shrub care program includes nutrition, insect control and foliar fungus control to help maintain the vigor of your landscape.  A retreatment guarantee is provided for those on the quarterly service frequency. 

Fertilizer Ordinances – Nutritional programs are fertilizer ordinance compliant with 50% slow release nitrogen sources used from October through May.  Summer time nutrition programs provide organic root stimulants and micronutrient supplements.

Landscape Tips

Trimming & Pruning - Use clean, sharp pruning instruments to avoid injuring the tree or plant.  The best time to prune is just prior to new growth, typically in the late winter or early spring.  Make sure to use sterile equipment.  Instruments should be cleaned with a sterilization solution containing bleach (25%), pine oil (25%) or alcohol (50%) between trees to avoid the spread of disease.

Irrigation - This will vary depending on the type of plant, however, most plants prefer well drained soil and roots need to dry out between watering cycles.  Roots that are saturated cannot pull nutrients from the soil and may even rot.

Landscape According To Site Conditions - Plants and trees should be planted according to site conditions, including soil moisture, soil fertility, and amount of sunlight.