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Tree Injection Services


We are proud to offer the ArborJet® trunk injection system as an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to foliar sprays and soil injections.  This highly efficient and effective treatment program places all of the material into the tree where uptake and movement occurs rapidly.  We can treat many different problems ranging from insects to disease to nutrient deficiencies.

Available Services:

  • Nutritional and micronutrient injections for feeding and deficiencies. 
  • Systemic insecticides for control of borers, whitefly and other damaging pests.
  • Fungicide injections for disease and bacteria control.

Landscape Tips

Be Proactive – Ask for an evaluation and treatment program for your high valued landscape investment before a problem occurs.  Nutritional deficiencies may take a couple of injection seasons to correct.  Also, disease treatments are preventative measures and provide no curative remedy.

Trimming & Pruning – Use clean, sharp pruning instruments to avoid injuring the tree.  Instruments should be cleaned with a sterilization solution containing bleach (25%), pine oil (25%) or alcohol (50%) between trees to avoid the spread of disease.  Palm trees should not be “Hurricane Cut” or pruned above the 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock outline.  Removing green fronds reduces winter hardiness, weakens the canopy and leads to nutrient deficiency.    

Irrigation – This will vary depending on the type of tree, however, many of our disease issues are attributed to overwatering practices, especially with palm trees.  Roots that are saturated cannot pull nutrients from the soil and may even rot.  Palm trees require only a minimum amount of water and actually do best under dry conditions. 

Landscape According To Site Conditions – Trees should be planted according to site conditions, including soil moisture, soil fertility, and amount of sunlight.  Soil testing is recommended for sites with ongoing issues.